“Cairde Chorcaí was launched last year and our aim is to support Cork G.A.A. teams to succeed at the highest level”

Welcome Cork GAA supporters to the Cairde Chorcaí website. Cairde Chorcaí was launched last year and our aim is to support Cork G.A.A. teams to succeed at the highest level. Our board is comprised of passionate Cork supporters, a number of whom have represented Cork successfully in the past and are eager for Cork to recover to former glories. While the support for the teams is ultimately the responsibility of the Cork County Board and the respective Ladies’ County Boards, such are the financial demands in the modern era that there is a need for a body like Cairde Chorcaí. While maintaining a separate identity, we will be working closely with the respective County Boards. Cairde Chorcaí will aim to supplement the County Boards in facilities, coaching structures and high performance needs to ensure that Cork are contenders for All Ireland honours every year.

The efforts of the Board of Cairde Chorcaí have to date been very much focused on ensuring good governance procedures are in place, building a working relationship with the County Boards and founding committees in various cities across the world. Cairde Chorcaí has provided financial support to Men’s and Women’s teams and will continue to do so, however our main focus will be working with the County Boards to put the structures in place to ensure Cork teams are successful in to the future. Our main priorities are as follows:

  • Facilities for County Teams
  • Coaching Structures
  • High Performance Needs
  • Supporters Club / Membership

Substantial finance is required to deliver what will be needed to make all Cork teams successful. We will be organising fundraising events throughout the year and are now launching a membership for 2020 which you can subscribe to by clicking on Membership Registration tab above. We hope you find this website informative and we look forward to working with you on bringing continued success back to Cork.

Rebels Abu, Ted Owens.

Ted Owens - Chairman
Ted Owens - Chairman


The company is served by the following Directors:

Chairperson: Ted Owens

Directors: Ted Owens, Rena Buckley, Conor McCarthy, Tony Nation, Diarmuid Lynch, Tomás Mulcahy, Tom Kenny, Seán O’ Brien, John O’ Flynn & Eoin Weldon.